Acoustic Fencing – Soundproofing For Your Yard

Acoustic fencing is a topic that not many search for or really think about, mostly due to the physical drawbacks and limitations of having a sound barrier around your house. You’ve seen them many of times, some of the acoustic fencing you probably thought was just a nice decoration, that’s because the walls come in many shapes and sizes and can be disguised very easily.

There are a few types of acoustic fencing. They can be made out of thick wood, pvc plastics and bricks. The size of the walls does very based on the location to the road for road noise. Some very high sound fencing can be as much at 10 feet tall, while some of the shorter sound deflectors can be as little as 4 feet high. Most of these have designs on them(for the bigger, taller acoustic fencing) or have foliage in front of them, almost completely blocking the smaller types of walls.

Acoustic Fencing Privacy

One really nice benefit of acoustic pvc or brick fencing is the level of comfort and privacy that you receive. You receive superior privacy not only from the cars and street traffic noises, but the sight of the road and cars as well. That being said, you may feel like a king trapped in his castle, but the benefits really outweigh the negatives when your dealing with these sound absorbing walls. Another benefit of having these walls around your house is security. It is quite common for someone to install a security door or fence at the opening to provide the perfect security solution.

Acoustic Fencing

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These days with high technology I’ve even seen and heard of people putting in security cameras around their whole home.

If you have pets, acoustic fencing can be great, since you do not have to worry about letting your dog out and possibly getting injured or injuring someone else.

Acoustic fencing materials are easy to come by, especially if you find the vendors online. Most of these fences can be installed by you and even work great on uneven ground. The frequency ranges of sound that these fences block, diffuse, reflect or absorb are different for each application, so you will have to have an idea of what type of noise and what frequency range the noise is that you want to block out before you purchase your fencing materials.

Acoustic Fencing And Road Noise

Acoustic fencing is a great option for keeping those road noises out, adding security and privacy to your home as well as improving the look and feel of your home, increasing your property values. A wall can be put up fairly easy and provide so much benefit, you really will be surprised that you haven’t researched and installed one earlier.  Acoustic fencing gives you both privacy sound wize as well as general visual privacy, the best of both worlds!

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