Air Conditioner Noise Reduction

Air conditioner noise is a big problem when in the home or residential environment.Manufacturers do have a reliable and stable number of decibels that the unit should meet up with. The problem with this is that the noise levels that a human hears are “virtual” or “perceived loudness”.

As an example, if you put an air conditioner in a small room, it is going to sound louder than in a large room. A pretty basic rule of thumb is as you increase the distance between yourself and the air conditioner, the noise level will drop by an estimated 5 decibels.

There are many manufacturers out there that manufacture air conditioner noise blankets. These are blankets that are somewhat like an insulation that can be used for heat pumps or air conditioners. You will notice a significant decrease in air conditioner noise when using one of these. I have read that products like the Brinmar sound blanket can reduce the noise of an air conditioner compressor by as much as 8 decibels!

Types of Air Conditioner Noise Reduction

There are a few types of these air conditioner wraps. Some of the blankets require installation inside the air conditioner, around the compressor itself. Some of the other types of air conditioner blanket type units actually wrap around the air conditioner. Finally there are tools you can use such as air conditioner vibration decouples.

Air Conditioner Noise Panels

Air conditioner Noise Panels At

This will create a decouple situation and not allow the vibration from the air conditioner to progress through the window mounting surface.

Most of the sound blankets are a universal fit and most will reduce the sound level by a minimum of 5db. These are mostly(if not all) a diy type project, meaning anyone can do it, if they follow the instructions properly.

Air Conditioner Noise Vs Safety

You don’t have to worry about overheating the motors in the air conditioner when using these, because the motor is internally cooled by the a/c’s refrigerant. Making these units quite safe to have in any home and/or in any weather type.

Air conditioner noise reduction is a popular subject. Air conditioner noise blankets can really help reduce the noise, as I said, up to 50%. These units can be installed right on the unit by yourself and you will enjoy the nice comfort of a quite sound relaxing area to live. Staying cool does not have to be annoying. Really, think about it. When you think of an air conditioner, I’m pretty sure that not after long, you are thinking about that tell tale air conditioner noise, well, put it to rest!

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