Apartment Soundproofing – Your Options

Why would anyone want to get into apartment soundproofing?  There are many reasons, you may want to reduce road noise if you live close to a highway, reduce the amount of sound that comes out of your apartment if you like to listen too loud music.  I like the last reason haha, apartment soundproofing is a must for me, since I have older neighbors above and on the sides of me.

I know that drummers like apartment soundproofing.  You can achieve good results for dwelling soundproofing by just using a bunch of techniques and tips on this site, we have information that will almost make your apartment completely soundproof!

There are some things to think about, obviously your not gonna want to do anything that is too destructive like a room inside a room or nailing a lot of insulation to the walls.

Apartment Soundproofing And Bass Traps

You can however use bass traps, sound deadeners, sound diffusers, sheet rock that you can lay against existing walls, foam type insulation or insulation panels.  These are all viable options for apartment soundproofing.

Apartment Soundproofing Tape

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The main items you will be interested in are the wall plugs, sound diffusers and any extra bass trap material.  Wall plugs as we’ve covered in other topics will sit right into the window and can easily be installed and removed without any lasting damage to the apartment.  Hanging sound insulation curtains are also another option.  These sound curtains are not only for use over a window, I’ve seen them strung around a complete room, and really it looked good and sounded good.

The Door And Apartment Soundproofing

Behind the door is a place you can really put some time into when you live in an apartment.  Simply adding foam to the back of the door and adding high quality foam soundproof sweepers help out more than you can imagine.  Remember, none of this is creating any destruction of any kinda and can always be removed if needed without much hassle.

Apartment soundproofing isn’t just for audio, have you ever lived in an apartment where you could literally hear your neighbors snoring, well, I have!  This works great for keeping those sounds out, or at the very least deadening or reducing the noise level of such distractions, and really who is going to complain about that?

I highly recommend that you try to at least do some of these apartment soundproofing tips.  You will notice each step of the way, but the finished product is what really matters here.  Do not be surprised if you find you are getting better, longer lasting sleep.

For more information for apartment soundproofing you can check out some of the links that are on this site including soundproofing the ceiling, basement soundproofing and soundproofing companies.

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