Cheap Soundproofing – DIY And Ideas

For cheap soundproofing your best bet is going to be getting materials that are found around construction sites, thrift stores, dumpsters and anything around that could be valuable as any type of cheap soundproofing solution.

The most popular cheap soundproofing items are egg crate foam mattress covers.  These things are literally thrown out everyday, the hard part is being there when they are thrown out.  You can find them in thrift stores quite a bit.  They are pretty much the same cheap soundproofing material that you will find at the music store, for free!  You simply have to nail them, glue them, do whatever, but get them on the wall and your done.

Hanging tapestries and thick curtains is one of the best bang for the buck soundproofing solutions for a person on a budget and trying to soundproof for cheap.  One common technique is to cover the walls in this egg carton type foam and then come through with some hanging tapestries or thick sound deadeding curtains to cover up the sight of the sound insulation that is re-inforced behind.

Having all these layers of protection helps.  For example, in the area where you have a window plug, you have the window barrier, you have the insulation, you have the backing board then comes another layer off this egg foam and then some thick covering from the curtains.  Thats a lot of sound deadeding and noise reduction in that area for cheap, thats cheap soundproofing that produces professional results.

You can make your own sound baffles as well or hang pieces of cloth or towels from the cieling.  As stated before this is very important for stopping reflections and breaking up standing waves which are very important but easy to do when you have a budget for cheap soudproofing.

Have an old mattress around that doesn have the eggshell foam to rip off, no problem.  Foam mattresses are often used in studios to stop reflections and outright noise reduction.  Matresses work good because they are very dense.  You can place this mattress right in front of your door in addition to the other sound proofing you’ve done cheaply.

One thing you will see in almost all pro sound studios are the use of bookshelves.  These bookshelves are uses as sound deflectors, completely different from sound absorbers.  They break up standing waves as well, but they shoot the waves into your already existing soundproofing.

As always consult the forums and check every possible link you can find on the internet.  There’s a lot of information about cheap soundproofing and you can find many tips and deals around if you just look.  Trust me, it can be done.

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