Cork Underlayment – Durable Soundproofing

Cork underlayment is one of the best choices when thinking about soundproofing a floor. It is often used in apartment buildings, in areas where local laws are strict about floor and ceiling noise. One important part to why cork underlayment is great at soundproofing is because theres an estimated 100,000,000 air cells per cubic inch. These air cells in the cork allow it to expand and contract and act as a sound absorber as well as a sound dampener.

As stated above, cork underlayment is great for soundproofing floors, but what else is it good for? Probably the most common use for cork underlayment is crack suppression. Yep, cork acts as a really great crack suppression barrier that can be used under laminates, hardwoods and ceramic tile. What is a suppression barrier?

A suppression barrier is applied to the raw floor, most likely concrete. Over time the house or dwelling will settle and you may start to see cracks in the flooring. What happens usually if you did not use a cork underlayment is that the crack in the cement will travel right up and end up cracking your hardwood or ceramic tiles. Its a good idea to use an underlayment for all floors such as this.

Obviously, its not hard to imagine that a cork underlayment has very little to no environmental impact making it a great green solution. The bark is taken from a cork oak tree and is completely safe. Don’t think that just because its made of cork that its not durable.

The average life span of a cork tree is 100 years. The great thing about cork also is how its constructed. You can literally take cork pieces and put them together and use those in other projects, as cork is highly recycleable.

If you are going to be installing any type of floor in the next few years, you really should check to see if there’s any underlayment underneath. If not, then you need to look online and find some resources that will provide you with enough information to make a great choice on some cork underlayment. Not only is cork necessary, but it is durable, will increase the lifespan of your floor and is sound resistant.

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