DIY Soundproofing – Materials And Methods

DIY soundproofing material pretty much consists of thinks like carpeting that someone has thrown out, blankets, sheets or any type of fabric, old insulation and the use of Green Glue.

Green glue is a new and pretty innovative product that will really help with diy soundproofing. DIY soundproofing materials such as green glue will help solve air gaps and as we all know, the number one thing to avoid with soundproofing is air gaps.

 If you use green glue as a part of your soundproofing material, you can also apply it to studs before installing such things as sheetrock or carpeting.

Auralex Roominator Alpha 1 Standard(below)

64 Wedgies: 2″ x 1” x 1″ wedge-cut acoustic foam panels absorb flutter echoes, standing waves, and kill early boundary reflections for improved acoustic imaging
4 LENRD Bass Traps: Low-frequency absorbers for control of excess bass, and designed for horizontal and vertical corner mounting where low-frequencies congregate
Includes Tubetak Pro Adhesive

As I have touched on, one of the main materials in diy soundproofing is carpeting. Carpeting for soundproofing comes in many shapes and sizes. Using old carpets as soundproofing material in a diy project is very simple, and the carpeting is readily available for use. Carpeting is good because it does have a mesh type backing, almost like a burlap sack that will really stop soundwaves from penetrating. This is what makes it the perfect cheap diy soundproofing material.

Old insulation also is a great innovative cheap soundproofing solutions, since its readily available. Many times you will find insulation for soundproofing purposes just thrown in many dumpsters that happen to be at worksites. One word of caution though, when using insulation, always wear long sleeve shirts and gloves. The insulation acts as good soundproofing, but also will make you itch like crazy, since it is made of fiberglass fibers.

Reflection filters, simple to make.

A real simple diy soundproofing material project is a simple reflection filter. You basically find some scrap wood and make a frame, say 4X4. Staple some chicken wire on one side of the frame. Now take your soundproofing material insulation and lay it in the frame. Now take another piece of chicken wire and staple that on top of that.

Now you have a great sound deadening panel. You can get some sheats and staple that to the frame, and even sew on cool designs. These diy soundproofing materials can get you a long way!

There are a lot of website available that talk about diy soundproofing and give excellent information on diy soundproofing equipment and supplies. Following links to lesser known companies or forums is a great way to find soundproofing information when doing soundproofing on a budget.

Sound reinforcement is a very complicated task and there are a lot of professionals that can help. But many times, the best information about budget soundproofing materials can be found in forums and people who are just out experimenting.

Good luck with your diy soundproofing material search!

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