Egg Carton Soundproofing – Does It Really Work?

If your looking for a great soundproofing solution and you have thought about using egg carton soundproofing you better stop there.  I will disguss the possible downflalls of using egg carton soundproofing including the frequency range that it effects, the safety hazards and alternative solutions.

Egg cartons are definately a tale that will problably never die.  I’ve seen this soundproofing solution used a couple of times(literally).

Egg cartons are generally ineffective as sound reflectors, absorbers or anything else.  The only way to really stop sound dead in its tracks as disgussed in this website is mass.  The cartons do provide some frequency changing though somewhere around 5khz and up, but this is nowhere near what your going to need in a home studio solution.

Potential hazzards in the home studio or garage with these egg cartons is that they are not fireproof.   Your local laws may not even permit you to have these hundreds of egg carton containers placed on your walls. Theres vast alternatives to useing egg carton soundproofing in your home, studio or basement.

Do not get egg carton soundproofing confused with the egg carton type of foam which resembles egg cartons.   This foam on the otherhand is completely safe and fire resistant and often used in the home studio and the professional studios.

Again in terms of safety, some people will actually reccomend putting up your egg cartons on your walls and then draping sheets over them.  Trust me, some sheets over some egg cartons isn’t going to do anything but look pretty bad.

So, if your searching for a viable option to soundproof your home, office, studio or garage, I must say that egg carton soundproofing solutions are not going to work here.  They are hazzardous, and only make a slight ever so slight difference in the 5khz  range.  For the wasted time and effort that you have put into collecting and installing these egg carton soundproofing deals, you could have worked at a real job, gotten real money and gotten real sound insulation or deadening materials(which are covered in this website).

Trust me on this, you do not want to be fooling with egg carton soundproofing in your lifetime, do you really want to show your friends and family a wall full of egg cartons?  I’d rather you show them a nice soundproof professional installation that you did yourself, seriously doing it professionally makes a huge difference!

I would suggest using plasterboard,  professional sound dapening material and blankets as well as using homemade diffusors that you made yourself that will work 1000 times better.  Not to mention look a whole lot better than egg carton soundproofing jobs!

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