Isolation Pads – Stop The Vibration

I recently purchased a set of isolation pads for my home monitors.  I wasn’t really expecting much of a difference and had seen them being “hyped” quite a bit.  While at Guitar Center, I seen a set that were used.  I thought, “hey, what the heck!”.  I bought them.

The difference in how I mix with these monitor isolation pads is completely different.  I do not feel the floor, table or anything else shake or rattle.  Not only that, but I don’t FEEL the power which I thought was real.

The real power that I was feeling was the vibration on the computer desk without the isolation pads on.  This really gave my ears and body a false sense of what was happening in the mix.

I think you will find that by using a set of monitor isolalation pads, you will see that your mixes’ low end really cleans itself up.  Trust me though, its not all hype.  What may be hype is how much they cost, I mean, foam for insulation seems like it would pretty much all be the same standard stuff, but who really knows.

I would say that even the most basic set of pads for underneath your home studio monitors, or hell even home theater would work perfectly.  One cool thing too is that I can actually turn the volume of the material a bit louder, because the vibration is decoupled from the desk and the surrounding walls, so the sense of it being loud is really lower.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a set of isolation pads to put under your speakers!

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