Pyramid Acoustic Foam – Soundproofing Is In The Shape

Pyramid acoustic foam tiles are probably the most popular type of foam insulation that you will see in the soundproofing market.Not only do they work great, but they are versatile and really do a great job at reducing noise. The pyramid type shape is there to provide a 4-sided geometric shape that will supply extra diffusing along with its natural noise reduction capabilities
Pyramid acoustic foams are very safe, in fact most of them are fire retardant and comply with local fire laws. These are great panels, as opposed to regular insulation or soundproofing type foams. The pyramid as I’ve said really adds a lot of extra surface area that will increase the acoustic properties and performance of the foam. These acoustic pyramid foam panels usually have a rating that will allow the frequencies to be attenuated from the upper lows, midst and high end frequencies.

Pyramid foam is great for the following uses:

  • Computers
  • Home theaters
  • Professional recording studios
  • Warehouses
  • Equipment rooms
  • Tool rooms

Pyramid foam lines up pretty well, as I have just done a full job using pyramid acoustic foam. They seemed to be cut in a continuous pattern and that really allowed it to be seamless when the finished product was looked at. I ended up putting this acoustic paneling on perhaps 40% of the room I would say, its recommended to do about 50% but the client did not have the funds to do the other 10%.

I prefer to use the 3″ acoustic pyramid foams because it has better absorption on the low end, mainly because of the added mass that the extra inch provides over something like a 2″ or 1.5″ acoustic foam. They do usually come in 4″ or 5″ acoustic foams as well, but really, the amount of sound absorption for the money, the best bet is to get the 3″ as it provides more than what you are going to need.
Pyramid acoustic foam is great for a few reasons. Its safe as in fireproof, easy to install, it looks really great(it usually comes in many colors and even some custom colors). Seamless cut pyramid foam really gives a nice look to any studio or area where the acoustics are going to be the main focal point. If you really need a great looking, easy to install, safe and cost effective way to soundproof your room, go ahead and have a look at pyramid acoustic foam, you wont be sorry!

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