Sound Deadening Spray – Automotive Undercoating For Noise Removal

Sound deadening spray or sprays are used mainly for auto body sound control and mostly for under coating.

Most cars come with a sound deadening under coating type option from the factor and it really does make a dramatic difference in the ride and quality of the car or truck.

It does have other uses as well such as being used for the inside of computer panels, guitar amps, it has been used to reduce the noise that comes from washing machines etc.

Best Sound Deadening Sprays

Below I have put a small list of the top performing sound deadening sprays.  Usually you cannot find these quality brands in stores, which makes them a very popular buy online.  I have personally used some of the lower quality stuff you find at “auto stores” and never have been impressed, until I used products from reputable companies.

3m spray sound deadener undercoating
3M Automotive (MMM8881) 3M Undercoating
  • Black, multi-purpose, low cost, aerosol undercoating
  • Specifically used for undercarriages, wheel wells, frame rails, and fenders
  • Designed to protect metal from corrosion and abrasion
  • Excellent as a sound dampening coating
3m rubberized sound undercoating
3M 03584 Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating
  • Can be used on cars, trucks and recreational vehicles
  • Black protective coating helps prevent damage from corrosion
  • Sound-deadening properties help reduce road noise
  • No-run formula for clean application
Beat-Sonic Sound Deadening Spray
Beat-Sonic BP-DSNR Sound Damping Spray
  • Engineered specifically to reduce ambient noise levels
  • Works well on treated or coated metal, fiberglass, plastic and wood
  • Weatherproof and Highly Durable
  • Perfect for irregular shapes and hard to reach locations



Usually with these noise reduction sprays you are going to want to apply many coats that are thin to achieve a nice thick Finnish.  Don’t worry most of these sprays dry pretty quickly as in a few minutes and are ready for another coat right away.  Some of the coatings come in cans that you can put in your own paint sprayer, but I would recommend getting a different nozzle, because some of this spray on sound deadener can be pretty thick and clog up normal paint spraying nozzles.

As I mentioned, this spray is sometimes used on the inside of dryer and wash machine panels and even computer panels.  This is ok because most of the pints are nontoxic and dry hard.  They also have the benefit of keeping moisture out where moisture is not wanted.  Sound deadening spray can be applied to aluminum, steel, fiberglass, wood and poly type glass.

Here are some manufacturers of roll on and spray on sound deadener:

  • Second-skin spectrum
  • Fatmat
  • B-Quiet Extreme
  • Dynamat Original
  • R-Blox
  • Sound Destroyer
  • Raamat

These rubberized sound deadening supplies come in spray cans that cans that can be sold in retails stores throughout the world.  Its very common.  You find that these are used in auto shops a lot to actually protect against rust and wear after a repair has been done, they work perfectly for this because of their anti-rust components.

Probably the most common place that you can go right now to see an example of sound deadening spray is in the trunk of your car.  Peal back the lining carpeting of the trunk and you will probably notice this thick black material that almost looks like tar.  This is the spray on or roll on sound deadening.  This serves a couple of purposes.  To not let the sound of the rear speakers out of the car and as well as keeping the road noise out of the trunk, where it can be amplified and spread inside the cabin of the car.

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