Soundproof Ceiling – Basements, Rooms And More

Sound transmission through the ceiling surfaces of an apartment or house is a common problem, especially in multi-family housing establishments suchs as townhouses.  Ceiling surfaces often do not get much soundproofing and are mostly overlooked.

Soundproof ceiling provides a reflection free area that covers the whole room.  People without a soundproof ceiling do not really understand the amount of reflections and bouncing of frequency signals thats going on.

Sometimes you want a live sounding ceiling, for such things as vocal rooms and drum rooms.  In these instances you can buy diffusors that are specifically designed to enhance certain frequencies and provide a certain sound.  Mostly though, I think the best and safest solution in the studio or apartment is to have a soundproof ceiling.

If you own your own home theres a couple of ceiling sealing things that you can do.  You can actually call out a company that will drill holes into your ceiling and inject a soundproof foam into the ceiling.  Now this is good for frequency range stuff like talking and television noises, but for walking and banging, theres really no solution that can be had for that.

Having a truly soundproof ceiling has got to start from construction.  I know this may sound funny, but for the loud music type stuff, you can actually(and I’ve seen this done) nail carpeting to the ceiling.  I’ve actually seen one person who applied some egg carton type foam to the ceiling and then nailed carpeting on the top of that.  It really made a difference, but most of the difference was in the room itself – helping out with echos and stuff of that nature.

We know that sound passes easily through solid materials, and well lets hope your ceiling is solid.  Another option you have to create a soundproof ceiling is to install a drop ceiling.  The cool thing about a drop ceiling is that you can stuff anything in between the drop ceiling panels(which provide great sound proofing) and the existing ceiling.

You will not be able to even see any of the sound deadening materials up there if you use a drop ceiling.  This technique is often performed in professional studios to create a totally soundproof ceiling.

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