Soundproof Curtains – Quilted/Thick For Noise Reduction

Soundproof curtains, yeah i’m sure you didn’t even know those existed, well let me tell you, they can make all the difference in the world!

A thick curtain does work and filter out some of the noise and reflections, but a full soundproof curtain will give you the most out of a piece of soundproofing noise reduction hears without too many if any negative effects.

Soundproofing curtains also go by the name of acoustic curtains.  These are the type of curtains you most often find in home theaters, because they do an excellent job in stopping sound cancellation and stopping sounds and noises from bouncing around the room.  Another name for soundproof curtains that you could investigate is stage curtains.

These curtains come in all different shapes, sizes and thicknesses.  The really heavy duty ones will be made from foam or have a fiberglass core that is faced with a quilted aluminized fabric.  They usually have the quilted pattern for good sound and noise reduction.  They kind of look like moving blankets, which are heavy duty and used, to make sure not to nick any furniture.

Most noise reduction curtains have an NRC rating about about 0.6 which means that it will reduce the amount of reflections or reverberation by about 60%, which is pretty good.  If you have a window plug with a soundproof curtain over it, your ahead by a lot.  You will need heavy duty curtain rods for these, as these curtains are quite a bit heavier than standard non soundproofing curtains.

If you need to have a lot of light in the room and you depend on natural lighting, you should look for some natural lighting alternatives since sound deadening curtains usually block out all of the available sunlight to the room.

Heat is another issue that you may face with these heavy duty sound proofing window curtains.  Since they are heavy, they keep a lot of heat in.  This could also be an advantage in the summer months as it does tend to keep the cool in as well!

These curtains come in all colors and finishings.  Personally I like to have a deep red color set.  I usually end up shining some light on them from floor lights, so they illuminate and look larger than life, or they look like a massive theater setup.  Hey, its fun haha.

In any event, soundproofing curtains are a viable option for reducing your early reflections by as much as 80% now, for the price you can’t complain about that.  So do your reasearch and find an available vendor that has these in the style and color that you prefer, size should not be an issue.

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