Soundproof Doors Using Sheets And Foam

Of all the soundproofing techniques and questions, I often get asked the most about soundproof doors.  The reason being is that the rooms usually do a good job at natural soundproofing.  The doors are various and they are shaped and made of different materials such as wood, steel and cork.

Soundproof doors are a bit tricky because you need them to be flexable, after all it is a door, you have to rememeber(which I hope isn’t too hard) that you need to be opening and closing this door.

The first thing to make sure of is to get a solid door.  Many doors in new builds are cheap and are actually hollow.  You need to start of with a good solid door and then move on to the door frame.  The door frame for a soundproof door is very important here, but can be one of the soundproof studios most easiest things to fix.

Any home improvement store will sell a sound deadeding or soundproofing type of foam insulation that you can use around the door frame as well as the door jam.

To have a fully soundproof door you are are going to want to get a guard or a sweeper that fits tight to the floor.  This will stop any of the standing soundwaves from penatrating underneat the door gap.

Soundproofing a door for better sleep?

All this talk about soundproofing too isn’t just for audio recording.  The door is a major leak point.  You can use these techniques for soundproofing for a better nights sleep for example.  Or allowing others to sleep well.  If you are not extremely serious about this, you can start with making a sealing door sweep.

Backing the door with high density foam is problably the most common technique for soundproofing in this area.

You will want to search for:

  • Door gaskets
  • Sealing door sweeps
  • Soundproofing barriers
  • Soundproofing rubber (for doors)
  • Soundroofed flooring

How to soundproof door? well, you’ve gotten a lot of tips so far, lets keep going!

Soundproofing a door: How the pro’s do it.

For a professional setup, you will build flanges that stick off the door about 2 inches.  Attatched to these flanges you should put some flat sheetrock or lumbar.

Its not complicated on how to soundproof a door. Attaching some foam to that will give you a great barrier.  Surely you can pickup some cheap sheet sets and staple them to the backing board or putting a design right over the sheets.

This will give you attractive soundproof doors to keep the sound out for recording or just getting that good nights sleep.

Out of all the soundproofing I have done to my rooms in a novice or beginner setting, I can say that having a soundproof door really does make the most difference when you are in an apartment setting.

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