Soundproof Iso Box – Iso Cabs For Noise Reduction

Soundproof iso boxes or (iso cabs, isolation cabinets) are becoming extremely popular these days, with the price of consumer pro quality gear coming down.  Anyone can have a home studio now, but at its current state, vst plugins cannot hold compared to real studio quality amps like marshall and fender.

The thing is these amps sound good when cranked!  But its 3:00 in the morning and I have a sound idea, what do I do!?

That is why you need a soundproof iso box.

Some of the things you may find on a soundproof iso box are a high frequency roll-off switch, which can be helpful to remove some of the boxyness sound that these isocabs have.  You really notice this when you are running with high gain settings into the box.  A fuse.  Some of these soundproof boxes do include a fuse, which is nice, since you don’t really know how loud the speaker is, you may accidentally overdrive the speakers.  Instead of completely blowing the speaker in the soundproof iso box, you will just blow the fuse.  Let me tell you, a 5 cent fuse is a lot cheaper than a new speaker!

With a custom iso cabinet, you can record the sound and the character of any amp such as a live rig that may include, amps, pedals, racks or any other signal modifying device.  The big advantage too is that you can be recording with a live band, and not have the bleed or leakage of the other instruments in the guitar track, major plus here.

One thing i really like about some of these guitar iso cabinets that are soundproof is that they offer a bass port that you can either adjust by removing a bass port cap, or by adjusting the size of the cap, so you are able to adjust the amount of bass that the soundproof iso cab will represent.  Very important when you are recording, as different types of songs have different bass responses as well as different guitars have varying amounts of low end.

You don’t have to worry about soundproof windows or soundproof walls with this little device, since its all inside the box!

So with a soundproof isobox you can record guitarists and studio musicians with the advantage that you are getting the exact sound of a real tube amp, without the real tube amp volume.  You simply hook up the jack from the back of the amp to the iso box and start playing.  A lot of these soundproof iso boxes will have an impedence switch on them, enabling you to set and adjust the correct impedence based and matched to your amp.  You simply can’t go wrong with one of these cabs.

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