Soundproof Plasterboard – The Perminant Soundproofing Solution

Soundproofing plasterboard can be a real option for you because its easy to obtain, easy to install and can be finished to match the particular room that you are working with.  Soundproof plasterboard has great density, which is an important part of sound transmission.

To reduce sound transmission between rooms you basically create isolation by the use of high density plasterboard and/or insulation.   Plasterboard manufacturers have in fact reduced the thickness or density of many of their boards that are used in typical residential builds.  You can still easily obtain the thicker plasterboards by just asking as it does come in many thicknesses and densities.

Using high density soundproofing plasterboard for sound reinforcement and soundproofing requires that you use some heavy duty wall fasteners to fasten the heavy boarding to the frame walls.   You may have to purchase custom made heavy duty flanges and nails.  Make sure you are using an adhesive that is spread on the joints of the plasterboard to prevent vibrations and to further increase the sound deflection and absorption properties of the board.

Acoustic plasterboard is really effective when it is applied to the bottom of jointed  ceilings.  You can also use sound absorbing bars that will further reduce the sound absorption of the board.  When using plasterboard in conjunction with the other soundproofing tips on this page, you will realize how much this works over the other methods such as foam and soundproofing curtains.  This is because the plasterboard contains a high density mass, and as I have stated and pretty much preach that density is the name of the game when it comes to noise and sound reduction.

As opposed to some of the other soundproofing options as well, the soundproof plasterboard is usually rated with a good strong fire rating.  This means you can practically install the boards anywhere and encase a whole room in the stuff.  Soundproofing plasterboard, if you have the money should be considered to be one of the first steps in any sound reduction project.

Many online vendors will sell hopped up and special kinds of soundproofing plasterboard, so you have to look around and make sure you are getting what you want.  As always, you should check local vendors for soundproofing plasterboard so that you can actually take a look at the board and make sure it fits into what you are looking to achieve.  Soundproofing right from the start with a fresh build is extremely easy when using this type of noise reduction methods.  The density isn’t anything to worry about, but you will have to upgrade and possible use heavy duty grade nails and screws to support the additional weight.

Take a look around on the internet, follow links and make an informed decision.  There are a lot of products that you can install in conjunction with the soundproofing plasterboard that can greatly increase the effectiveness when it comes to the sound reduction properties for the home studio, home office, home theater, garage, basement or whatever you are planning on soundproofing.  Have fun and enjoy the ride, because once you take the time to put up soundproofing panels and boards, it is something that is permanent and not something that you are probably going to be replacing or modifying in times to come.  Good luck!

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