Soundproofing Cheaply – Budget Soundproofing At It’s Best

Doing soundproofing cheaply isn’t a subject that you will typically find a wealth of information about. The reason for this is that soundproofing a room does not come cheap, these products are made to certain specifications and the cost really starts increasing the more soundproofing you want.  There are a couple of alternatives for keeping the noise out though and below I will discuss some of them.

Soundproof carpeting.  Well, it might not be soundproof, but it will definitely help!  Carpeting obviously, you want to find the thickest carpeting that you can find or you can layer carpeting up to get great soundproofing.  Carpeting will help dampen the higher end, such as for a drum set damping, the cymbals will be quieted down quite a bit.  The problem with carpeting as soundproofing is that it doesn’t contain much mass, and as said before, mass is what creates a great barrier.

When doing your soundproofing cheaply, you should think about carpeting, but don’t just tack it to the wall.  You have a real chance here to create a decoupled damper.  So you may nail the tops of the carpeting to the ceiling or the walls near the ceiling and nail it about 2 inches away from the wall on the floor.  What this does is both creates a decoupled situation, as well as deflects some of the noise to the ceiling of the room.

Can you get good results by doing soundproofing cheaply?  The answer is yes.  But this is mostly due to the fact that the high end is being damped.  You can perhaps use some bass traps in the room, but these are mostly used just for correcting the low end frequency response of the room.  Really to create a great room and do the soundproofing cheaply, you have to find some objects that have some mass, such as old plywood or Sheetrock.

The door in any room is a great place to do some soundproofing cheaply.  You can buy door gaskets that will seal the door and prevent the air from penetrating to the other side, and as we know, the sound is air.  The door should have a soundproof door sweeper installed on the bottom.   Again, this will stop a lot of the sound waves from getting out and into any room.  One important thing that these sound gaskets do for the door too is decouple the actual door for the most part away from the frame, decreasing the amount of vibration that is transferred.

Its really hard to say if soundproofing can be done cheaply.  While you may get some great benefits, its really up to what you consider to be the best soundproofing.  Soundproofing cheaply can be fun at first, but when you really start getting into it, you always end up buying better soundproofing and gear.  You could have started at that point right in the beginning!

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