Soundproofing Companies – Reputation Is Everything

Choosing a soundproofing company isn’t an easy task.  Many companies that do soundproofing have special requirements and only do certain styles of soundproofing.  How can you find a good soundproofing company that will work with you and provide you with the best solution?

There are a few questions you should ask the company such as:

  • Do the prices on the website still hold true for the prices you get when they come to your home?
  • Do they charge you for the scraps of sound insulation that are not being used?
  • Do they have to come out and do an estimate first?

Before you choose a noise reduction company, you should meet them in person at their shop.  It is real easy to sound well put together over the phone.  Soundproofing companies also are largely put together on scene, meaning they do not arrive from one central warehouse, so you have to make sure the workers are going to be on the same page.

I personally would look for soundproofing companies that opperate their own sattelite stores, where you can go in, check out the merchandise and new technology and actually meet a few of the employees.

Don’t be affraid to ask questions about noise or frequency waves or things that relate to audio here.  By doing this you will find out right away if this is the right soundproofing company for you, if not, there’s many other companies out there that can do the job.

The setup is usually pretty straight forward, but again it depends on the type of soundproofing that you are getting installed.  Some of the more detailed sound muffling technologies that involve removing paneling and inserting foam between existing walls can take time and cause quite a mess.  Its all worth it though, its only a few days of havok before you are inside of your new soundproof area.

As you should with any company check with the BBB to find out if they have any marks against them, and by marks, I mean serious ones, I wouldn’t frett too much about what some comments on there might have stemed from, seriously, these sound proofing companies deal with a lot of people, a lot of customers with different tastes and ways of doing things.

When your looking at a soundproofing company, remember that many of the businesses are going to the same manufacturer for their supplies, so don’t let the choice of insulation materials sway your decision.  Chances are most of the companies will have the same stuff and same processes.

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