Soundproofing Products – An Overview

Soundproofing products come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be used for many different types of applications.  You name it and theres a soundproofing product for what your looking for for example, pipe soundproofing, vibrational soundproofing, garage soundproofing, door soundproofing, computer soundproofing.

It’s important to remember that there are two major categories for soundproofing products.  Sound proofing and sound absorption.

To make it easy, think of soundproofing as well, stopping sound from entering or excaping and think of sound absorption as blocking or eating reflections and echo points.

The term “products” is pretty big so here are some soundproofing products you may not have thought about:

  • Soundproofing glue
  • Soundproofing area rugs
  • Soundproofing fixation brackets
  • Mounting screws
  • Eggshell foam
  • Screws as oppossed to nails
  • Towels for handing from the ceiling

It’s very easy to get carried away with noise reduction efforts, and the good thing about this is, well its good!  Every small thing you do to block sound or bounce reflections and reverbs helps, you honestly can’t go too far with your noise reducing efforts here.

For advanced recording studio needs, there are a lot of hangers, stands, flanges, cables and ties involved with acoustical sound products.  For the most part though, the companies have done a good job at hiding these brackets and mounting flanges in the back of the diffusors or sound deadening panels.

Contact adhesives really have a strong role in the business.  Contact adhesives for soundproofing are used to keep the face plates of the panels glued on, which are usually made of cloth.  Remember that soundproofing products such as the actual sound panels are multi-layer and do require some assembly, this is where the contact adhesives really come into play.

Some real acustic guys will say that fiberglass, sound board, foam insulation and extra layers of panels do not stop noise transmission.  They are partly correct.  The are acting more as diffussors for the sound so if you really want to stop the sound you need mass and density.  Dense materials are what really stop the sound and create an echo free environment.  But I would not keep these soundproofing products out of the mix, they do have thier uses.

As you can see, soundproofing products range from glue to rugs to nails.  Basically anything that is dense and able to be used for hanging can be concidered a soundproofing product, now get out there and read some more and become a pro in noise reduction!

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